Our Services


Happy business teamWe work with your staff to identify your existing strategy and priorities, your needs and the themes you are interested in, and then we identify potential funding sources for you, based on your own objectives with a time plan for proposal submitting deadlines.

    • Identification on funding opportunities
    • Funding strategy development
    • Partner search
    • Proposal writing and submission
    • Application proofreading and evaluation


storie_0001_1038We are able to provide support at any point during your project lifecycle and help you ensure that your project meets its targets. This can include:

    • Project monitoring and reporting
    • Day to day coordination and management
    • Staff training
    • Thematic expertise in various policy areas
    • Project publicity and dissemination services
    • Organizing workshops and partner meetings
    • Capitalisation of project results



audience-in-the-tanks-at-008We work with both Public Authorities and the Private Sector in identifying and prioritizing your cultural aims and goals, designing innovative policies and strategies, develop bids and applications for international initiatives and competitions.

We also to help you to implement Creative and Cultural Mapping studies, audience development initiatives, establishing your presence in regional and international level, maximizing your impact, identifying new sources to fund your Culture and Creative Sector.


EU-CorEuropean Cities as drivers for economic growth need to have a strategic programme of international engagement in order to overcome the challenges of the future. SYNERGY EUROPEAN can develop and deliver specific European Strategies for your City or Organization and build an efficient EU Identity for you. Take advantage of the European Union’s framework and:

    • Enhance your influence and reputation in Europe and raise the profile of your City internationally
    • Strengthen your International Partnerships
    • Develop and exchange good practice within international organizations and networks
    • Maximise European funding opportunities



eu-flagsSubmitting your own project application may not always be the best and more sufficient solution for you. In that case you can be a partner of another European Organisation that is ready to submit a proposal for funding.
We offer the possibility to scan the potential partnerships, let you know when and which European Organizations are looking for partners, negotiate with them on your behalf and provide the best opportunities for you to be a part in a project.


training2SYNERGY EUROPEAN delivers information and training services addressed to a large number of professionals and decision makers in Local and Regional Authorities.

Our main focus is helping others to get a better understanding of how the EU really works, its policy making process and European funded programs.