INTERREG IVC Thematic Capitalisation Workshops

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Interreg-IVC-logoFrom 29 October to 28 November the Committee of the Regions in Brussels will host a series of 12 INTERREG IVC Capitalisation workshops on the following themes: Innovation systems (triple helix and open innovation), Innovation capacity of SMEs, Eco-innovation, Creative industries, Entrepreneurship, E-government services, Demographic change, Rural development, Climate change, Energy efficiency, Renewable energy, and Sustainable transport.


The aim of these workshops is to discuss interesting practices and policies available in the regions involved in INTERREG IVC projects, which could be relevant also to other regions in Europe. The workshops will also stimulate further the mutual learning among projects dealing with similar issues. Furthermore, the experts working on the Capitalisation initiative will present their findings and policy recommendations from the first year of the thematic analysis and validate them with the INTERREG IVC projects, other interested stakeholders and programme/ EU representatives.


Calendar of the workshops in 2013:

  • Tuesday 29 October, Creative industries
  • Wednesday 30 October, Innovation Systems
  • Thursday 31 October, Innovation capacity of SMEs
  • Wednesday 13 November, Climate change
  • Thursday 14 November, Eco-innovation
  • Tuesday 19 November, E-government
  • Wednesday 20 November, Rural development
  • Thursday 21 November, Energy efficiency
  • Monday 25 November, Entrepreneurship
  • Tuesday 26 November, Renewable Energy
  • Wednesday 27 November, Demographic change
  • Thursday 28 November, Sustainable transport


The participation in the workshops is upon invitation. If you are interested in participating, please contact capitalisation[at]