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Interreg_EuropeThe INTERREG EUROPE programme (2014-2020) aims to improve the implementation of regional development policies and programmes, in particular programmes for Investment for Growth and Jobs and European Territorial Cooperation (ETC) programmes. Four themes were selected in order to make the best use of funds.

Theme 1 – Research & innovation

Under this theme partners can work on
– strengthening research & innovation infrastructure and capacities
– innovation delivery through regional innovation chains in chosen “smart specialisation” field

Theme 2 – SME competitiveness
This theme allows regions to improve their policies in supporting SMEs in all stages of their life cycle to develop and achieve growth and engage in innovation
(Creating and boosting entrepreneurial spirit, responding to obstructions to business growth etc)

Theme 3 – Low-carbon economy
This theme addresses the transition to a low carbon economy in all sectors. This could be through policies aimed to raise the share of renewable energy sources in the energy mix to promoting multimodal sustainable transport.

Theme 4 – Environment & resource efficiency
Two distinct fields are open for cooperation
– protection & development of natural and cultural heritage and
– transition to a resource-efficient economy, promoting green growth and eco-innovation

Two kinds of actions will be funded under the INTERREG – EUROPE programme.
Public organisations from different regions in Europe work together for 3 to 5 years on a shared policy issue. An action plan, specific for each region, will ensure that the lessons learnt from the cooperation are put into action. Regional partners will monitor how far the action plans are implemented. Calls for project proposals will be launched throughout the programming period.
Platforms are a tool for faster and better sharing of knowledge to help policymakers do their job better. Platforms are a space for continuous learning about public policies in the four themes of the programme.
Organisations dealing with regional development policies in Europe can find solutions there to improve the way they manage and implement their policies. The main aim is to support local and regional governments to be more effective when planning and implementing policies for the benefit of citizens.

Eligible participants are regional/local authorities, agencies, research institutes, thematic policy organisations from the 28 EU Member States, Norway and Switzerland. The first call for proposals is expected by spring 2015.

Synergy European will keep you informed of any updates and project proposals.